The Natural Paw, LLC is a doggie day camp and lodging facility that provides a safe, clean and fun setting for group socializing. Business partners Grant Kellner and Ashley Russell have earned their Associates Degree in Animal Science from North Shore Community College where they studied canine behavior, health, nutrition and more. They use their education, combined with hands-on experience in the field to create an environment where dogs are encouraged to play kindly and respectfully with one another.
     When Grant and/or Ashley are not in the pack, one of our Red Cross Pet CPR/First Aid certified staff will always be in the pens monitoring play. Our packs are never left unattended and dogs are never expected to fend for themselves. We employ only positive reinforcement techniques, and it’s these techniques that allow us to cater to all breeds, ages and social stages. We know that not all dogs come equipped with the tools to socialize in a group setting but we believe that dogs of all types deserve an opportunity to play so we use our many camp options to come up with a program to ensure your dog is getting the most out of their day with us. The Natural Paw, LLC has limited vaccination requirements and we are one of few facilities that will accept titers in lieu of vaccines for Distemper and Parvo. We encourage you to come in and meet out seasoned staff and see our indoor/outdoor facility first hand.
Contact us at 978-356-BARK to book your free evaluation!