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Here at The Natural Paw we do things a little bit differently. Our goal is to not only let your dog have fun playing and socializing with other canine friends but to educate you about all the aspects of dog ownership including:

  • How to read food labels and understand where the ingredients are sourced from
  • How to communicate with your dog in a way that he/she will understand
  • Giving tips on how to solve problem behaviors like jumping and pulling
  • Offering natural remedies for common ailments

We take a natural approach to everything we do, from enrollment requirements to the cleaning agents we use, to our first aid kit. If it’s not Mother Nature made and can’t go back into nature with out harm we won’t use it!

The Natural Paw does not believe in breed discrimination. We evaluate all dogs individually. We’ll even accept dogs that have previously been asked to leave other daycares.

For further information and frequently asked questions stop by our FAQ page.