Extra Services

Willowdale Hike                                 $15

A scenic 1 hour hike though Willowdale State Forest, weather permitting. The pack will traverse the landscape and trails of the area while on leash and under the watchful eye of an employee of The Natural Paw. Dogs going on hiking adventures must be able to walk on leash (moderate pulling is not a problem), and be manageable around other people, horses, dogs and bicyclists. Multiply hikes may go out on a day but the latest hikes leaves at 11A.M.


Nail Clipping                                             $10

Nail trimming can be such a hassle at home. So why not let us do it? We pick the time when your dog is most tired from playing to trim their nails, this makes it quick and easy for us and more enjoyable for your dog.

Ear Cleaning                                             $5

Are your dog’s ears bothering them? We can give them a homeopathic cleaning using all-natural witch hazel that will leave their ears feeling great!

Hot Spot Treatment                                $15

We give your dog’s irritated skin relief using a homeopathic treatment. Affected areas will be given a quick shave and a compress of steeped black tea. This is not a substitute for veterinary care, but may help relieve the symptoms of less severe hotspots. We reserve the right to refuse this service to any dog that we think may have too severe a case hot hotspots and may need veterinary attention.

Brush out                                     $10 – $40 

Price of the brush out depends upon the dog’s size, length of coat, and condition of coat.


Tiny and Small Short Hair Dogs $20
Tiny and Small Long Hair Dogs $25
Medium Short Hair Dogs $30
Medium Long Hair Dogs $35
Large Short Hair Dogs $40
Large Long Hair Dogs $50
Extra Large Short Hair Dogs $55
Extra Large Long Hair Dogs *Varies