The Natural Paw is set-up to safely accommodate all types of dogs. From social, playful dogs that like to run, jump and splash, to timid, fearful or under socialized dogs that need may need a little help socializing, we can provide an experience that’s right for your dog. We can even accommodate an elderly dog that just needs a little human companionship and some occasional bathroom breaks.

Indoor Play Areas (7,000 sq ft)

Our indoor play area is divided into multiple play areas, which is how we are able to cater to the many needs of our dogs. We divide our dogs based on temperament and play styles for maximum fun. Our facility is heated in the wintertime, but in the warmer months, we have big bay doors that we open wide so the dogs can enjoy Willowdale State Forest from inside the facility as well as from the back yard.

Comfy cots in our indoor space allow dogs to take a break from playing for some well-deserved naptime. The rubber flooring and 6′ high fencing keeps dogs safe and secure at all times.

Play areas are cleaned continuously throughout the day and given a final deep clean each night with our commercial floor scrubber, using the safest most effective cleaners available.6-27-2016 import 063















The Yards (4,500 sq ft)

We encourage as much outdoor playtime as possible for our dogs. The yard is surrounded by 8-foot stockade fence so the dogs are well contained. Our yard is covered in pea stone, which is low-impact unlike pavement, cleaner than dirt, and more sanitary than Astroturf. Dogs can climb on our play structures, splash around in the kiddie pool on hot days. If your dog still has energy after all that maybe a hike is in order.














Kennel Room

The kennels have padded floors and comfy beds, so whether your dog is being lodged for the weekend or just needs a little bit of down time throughout the day, they’ll feel right at home. For dogs that are a little bit nervous about being away from home, we mist their beds with a calming lavender spray and play quiet music to make them feel at ease. Lodging options include basic lodging, deluxe lodging, and in-home lodging. Visit our Lodging Page for more info!

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