What are the requirements to attend The Natural Paw?

Puppies under the age of one year old are required to receive their first shots. For all dogs over the age of one year we only require that the Rabies shot to be up to date as required by Massachusetts law. We also require the evidence of Distemper and Parvo immunity. This can be determined by a simple titer test done by your vet. Owners can get the vaccines as well if they so choose. The kennel cough vaccine is not required, however, if it is given there is a 1 week restriction before the dog can attend daycare.


Spaying and neutering is not required. We recognize the importance of spaying/neutering and while we encourage most owners to fix their pets, we realize that as an owner, you may have valid reasons to not have the procedure done. We will never turn away an animal that has not been spayed/neutered. That being said, females in heat will not be allowed under any circumstances. This is strictly for the safety of the animal.


Why do we require minimal vaccinating?

More and more studies have shown that vaccinating dogs yearly or even every three years is excessive. Puppies are required to have one set of “puppy shots” (Distemper and Parvo) between weeks 11 and 16. After that, a dog should have life long immunity to those diseases. Rather than administering additional vaccines that can actually cause more harm than good, we recommend a simple titer test every three years to prove immunity. Unfortunately, as Massachusetts’s law dictates, all dogs must be up to date with their Rabies vaccine. For more information on vaccinating vs. titer tests please visit: http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/health/articles/puppy-shots-and-dog-vaccinations.html or   http://www.synbiotics.com/Products/CompanionAnimals/Canine/TiterCHEK-CDV-CPV-Parvo/96-0460-RoundTableDiscussion.pdf


What is a Titer Test?

A titer test is a simple blood test that your vet can do that counts the number of antibodies against a given disease. This can be done at your pet’s routine check-up. We encourage titers over vaccinations. If your vet does not provide titers, please contact us, and we will be more than happy to help you find a vet that will.